Death Trap

Submission to Cartridge Jam 3

A good friend of mine came up with the idea of developing a small project for a game jam. We decided to participate in the 'Cartridge Jam 3' on
In a group of three, we wanted to create an interesting game for the Cartridge Jam 3 within the given 21 days.
Other people created designs for video game cartridges and we could choose one of them and develop a matching game.

The 'Death Trap' cartridge had aroused our interest. As a child I loved the game 'Deathtrap Dungeon'. We chose this cartridge design because of my nostalgic feelings and everyone in the team liked it.
Since we only had three weeks to put a complete game on its feet, compromises had to be made. We opted for a PS1/N64 art style.
Every model, every texture, every animation, all sound effects and even the music was created by ourselves. Unfortunately, the menu and the save system are not entirely error-free, but this was due to the enormous time pressure. The engine we used was Unity.
I think the end result is really impressive, especially when you consider that everything was produced within such a short period of time. Thanks to my teammates Christoph Müller and Stefano Canonico for the awesome work!

Video of a full run:

Download and test the game for free:

Ingame Screenshots

Ultra Fred 01
Ultra Fred 02
Ultra Fred 03

Engine Screenshots

Ultra Fred 04
Ultra Fred 05
Ultra Fred 06