Jahto: Savior of the Sky

A modern 3D platformer in development

A long forgotten Story should've only been a school project at first but our teachers were so enthusiastic about the final product that they helped us to present it at various fairs.
Not only our teachers, but also the countless testers and fair visitors loved our game. Because of this great feedback I have decided to continue working on it, instead of letting it die.

Nevertheless, I started completely from scratch. I also decided to use the Unreal Engine for the first time. Until now, I have done all my projects with Unity, now it was time to try something new.

The basic principle of the game hasn't changed, but the main character as well as the story have been roughly reworked.
The new title of the game is 'Jahto: Savior of the Sky' and the story is about a young owl prince who is the only one with the power to stop an ancient force.
It is solely up to our hero to eliminate this evil force that has corrupted the sacred sky worlds.

Everything you can see here was designed and realized by myself. This includes all 3D models, textures and animations as well as the level design and the whole programming tasks.
There is still a long way to go, but I would like to show you first ideas and some screenshots.

Jahto finally has his own Steam page, check it out here!

Screenshots (WIP)

Finnek and Bob 01
Finnek and Bob 02
Finnek and Bob 03