A long forgotten Story

A colorful student project created with Unity

This game was the final project of the 'Game Art & 3D Animation Diploma' at SAE. In a group of two, we wanted to resurrect an almost forgotten genre, the 3D platformer.
My team partner Stefano Canonico created the main character 'Kepo', which included the rig and all the animations. I was responsible for the environment and the level design. This included all assets of the level, particles, collider and the lighting. The programming tasks were done together.

Kepo, a pterodactyl, is not alone on his journey. His faithful companion 'Jamba', a carnivorous plant, is carried by Kepo as a backpack and accompanies him on his adventure.
Kepo can spin Jamba around and carry out attacks. Together they are looking for the four mysterious gold coins in the level. In addition, dozens of diamonds can be collected. These diamonds often show the two heroes the right way to the mysterious coins.

The music was created by our good friend Christoph Müller. The sounds of Kepo were spoken by me and revised afterwards.
Thanks to the great teamwork, a thoroughly convincing final project was realized. At this point, I want to say thank you to my partner Stefano Canonico.
Here you can find the trailer he created for our game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uKBZf0kpxU&t=

Ingame Screenshots

Ultra Fred 01
Ultra Fred 02
Ultra Fred 03

Engine Screenshots

Ultra Fred 04
Ultra Fred 05
Ultra Fred 06